The Arts (Music, Art & Design and Drama)

Music Curriculum Overview and Statement of Intent

Music 2 year cycle using Charanga Music scheme.

Music progression using Charanga Music School

Mrs Black is our curriculum leader for ‘The Arts’ which includes Music, Art & Design and Drama.  She enjoys leading each subject and has a keen interest in them.  Mrs Black oversees the delivery of the Lancashire music scheme ‘Charanga’ and is excited about developing the children’s creative side!  The curriculum is broad and balancing providing opportunities to learn theory, the history of music, composition and performance using their voices plus a variety of instruments.  Mrs Black has high expectations in these subject areas and aims to support all staff in consistently implementing the curricula across The Arts throughout school.

Enrichment opportunities in The Arts

Mr Waddington, our guitar teacher from Lancashire Music Service, has worked in partnership with the school for a number of years and continues to offer lunchtime lessons on a Wednesday.  Woodwind lessons at our school are delivered by Mrs Parker.  Mr Waddington and Mrs Parker arrange concerts in school giving the children the opportunity to showcase their musical learning, building confidence and bringing joy to the rest of the school!  This year, we will be developing our school choir.

We arrange trips and experiences to enrich the children’s experiences of The Arts including visits to the theatre, museums and concert halls.

Home Learning Art Competition 2021

Elm Class

Ash Class

Birch Class

Art and Design Policy.

Art & Design Curriculum Overview and Statement of Intent (with Recovery Curriculum Statement.)

Art 2 year cycle using Kapow Art Scheme

Art and Design Skills Progression using Kapow Primary Art.