Our Staff Team

At Higham St John's, we aim to forge a close relationship between school and home so that children may achieve their maximum potential.  We strongly encourage parents and carers to work with us to develop your child's learning and seek to address any problems at the earliest opportunity.

Staff Role

Deputy Headteacher    (Year 4/5)
Assistant Headteacher (Year 1/2)
Class Teacher                  (Year 5/6)
Class Teacher                  (Year R/1)
Class Teacher                  (Year 3/4)
Office Administrator
School Business Support Officer
Teaching Assistant         (Class 1)
Teaching Assistant         (Class 2)
Teaching Assistant         (1:1)
Teaching Assistant         (Class 3)
Teaching Assistant         (Class 4)
Teaching Assistant         (Class 5)

Teaching Assistant         (1:1)
Supply Teacher
QTVI Specialist Teacher
QTVI Specialist Teacher
Site Supervisor
School Cook
Kitchen Assistant
Extended Services Manager
Out of Hours Club Assistant
Out of Hours Club Assistant
Out of Hours Club Assistant
Welfare Assistant
Welfare Assistant
Welfare Assistant (1:1)
Guitar Teacher
Woodwind Teacher
French Teacher

Name of staff member
Mrs Helen Shaw

Mrs Julie Lees
Mrs Kathryn Spence
Miss Jen Lawson
Miss Amanda McNeill
Miss Chloe Briddon
Miss Annette Jackson
Mrs Michelle Clews
Miss Kelly Shone
Miss Nicki Fishlock
Mrs Maggie Williams
Mrs Emma Gregory
Mrs Nicola Schillaci
Miss Paula Southcott

Miss Zoe Lightfoot
Mrs Carole Atkinson
Mrs Pam Golden
Miss Laura Parton
Mrs Eileen Lowe
Miss Sarah Britcliffe
Mr Stephen Hodgson
Mrs Michelle Harrison
Mrs Saima Basharat
Mrs Rachael Jefferson
Mrs Anne Rawlinson
Ms Heather Skeates
Miss Gemma Howard
Mrs Rachael Jefferson
Mrs Susan Dinsdale
Mrs Christine McIlroy
Mr Chris Waddington
Mrs Helen Parker
Madame Wardle

Additional Responsibilities

DSL, Prevent Lead, R.E Curriculum Lead, Wider Curriculum Implementation Lead, Science, Eco Schools
Maths Curriculum Lead, Ethos Group, Worship Lead, Deputy DSL; Science and DT Lead
English Curriculum Lead
EYFS Lead, Creative Arts
Extended Services Admin


PPA cover (Class 2); games club


PPA cover (Class 3); 1:1 tuition
PPA cover (Class 4); 1:1 tuition; games club
PPA cover (Class 5); 1:1 tuition