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Our Christian value this half term is



The quality of being kind.

to be 'kind' (adjective) is to 'be generous, helpful and think about others' feelings'.


'She's a very kind and honest person.'

'It is very kind of you to help us.'

(Cambridge Dictionary)

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Have a think...

How do people show kindness?

When did you last show someone else kindness?

Think of an example of when someone was kind to you.

How does it feel if someone is kind to you?

Is it always easy to be kind?

The opposite of being kind is being 'unkind'.

How does it feel if someone is unkind to you?

The Bible teaches us about the importance of being kind.

We should think about how we would want to be treated ourselves then we should treat others in the same way.

This is 'The Golden Rule':

 Verse of the Day - Luke 6:31 - iDisciple

We should treat others with kindness as we ourselves would like to be treated with kindness.

In the Bible we are told to 'clothe' ourselves with kindness alongside other positive qualities.

Imagine getting dressed in the morning and 'putting on' kindness!

Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves  with compassion, kindness, humility, gentlenes… | Self compassion,  Humility, Colossians

Here are some more quotes from the Bible about kindness:

Ephesians 4:32 And be you kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one  another, even as God for Christ's sake has forgiven you.

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Here are some links to video clips and a podcast about kindness:

BBC Newsround: Your tips for being kind:


Colour your world with kindness:


Podcast: Cbeebies: What's the BIG idea?

Kindness - Lily and Felix explain to Hugo all the different ways to be kind.


Download some of the interesting power points and fun activities about kindness below:

 40 Acts of Kindness cards.pdfDownload
 All About Kindness ppt. EYFS.pptxDownload
 Choose Kindness ppt KS1.pptxDownload
 Choose Kindness ppt KS2.pptDownload
 Good friend sorting cards.pdfDownload
 Kind colouring page with picture.pdfDownload
 Kind colouring page.pdfDownload
 Kind heart notes to share with others.pdfDownload
 Kindness wordsearch.pdfDownload
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This half term we will be celebrating HARVEST!

Harvest is our most important time of year - Black Country Food Bank

Look out for more details on our Newsletters!

The rainbow: A symbol of hope.

If we persevere through difficult times like the current lock down, we will eventually see better times and be able to see our friends and families again.

This is why the rainbow is seen as a symbol of hope - after or during the rain when the sunshine appears sometimes we see a beautiful rainbow reminding us that there is hope in every difficult situation we face.

Rainbows to show how grateful we are to our wonderful NHS...

Rainbows painted by the children of key workers in school!

And some created at home!

Showing our support for those who work for the NHS and sharing hope and happiness within our community...

'God puts rainbows in the clouds

so that each of us - in the dreariest

and most dreaded moments - can

see a possibility of hope.' 

 Mary Angelou (American poet)

2.6 Challenge


The staff have been busy completing their 2.6 challenges to raise money for the East Lancs NHS Trust. Check out how they got on below.

Why not have a go at your own 2.6 challenge, just for fun, and see what you can achieve.

Well done Erin, super cart wheeling!

Our 2.6 Challenges!

A message of PERSERVERANCE from school staff...
A message of PERSERVERANCE from school staff...
Staff rainbows...
Staff rainbows...