School Policies

Many of our policies are available here for download.    Please note that this is just a selection of key policies that may be of interest to you; others are available upon request.   Governors periodically review and update these policies.  This website will then be updated to reflect any changes made.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions regarding any these policies.


Important Policy Updates: 2023/24

 Anti bullying policy 09_2023.pdfDownload
 Attendance Policy Higham 08_2023 v4.1.pdfDownload
 Behaviour Policy Higham 08_2023 V1iv.pdfDownload
 CLA and previously CLA Policy Higham 09_2023.pdfDownload
 Higham St John's C E Primary Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy V2 30_08_2023.pdfDownload
 Home School Agreement 2023_24.pdfDownload
 Online Safety Policy Higham 09_2023 V1.i.pdfDownload
 Supporting pupils with medical conditions policy 09_2023 V1i.pdfDownload
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