School Uniform

At Higham St John's, we encourage all children to take pride in their work and their appearance.   Our school uniform is as follows:-   

Navy Sweatshirt with school logo*          
White Polo Shirt with school logo*          
Grey Trousers / Shorts    

Navy/Grey Socks            
Black shoes                    


Navy Sweatshirt with school logo*

White Polo Shirt with school logo*

Navy Skirt / Trousers/Pinafore

White / Navy socks or Navy tights

Flat Black shoes (for practicality reasons, ballet style shoes and boots are unsuitable)
Note: A navy blue/white gingham dress may be worn if preferred.

A downloadable uniform guide can be found here.

Year 6 Pupils
A shirt and School tie replaces the polo-shirt for both boys and girls.  V-Neck sweatshirts are available to order to compliment this alteration to the uniform. 

Watches and a single, plain stud are permitted within lessons.  However no jewellery may be worn during P.E. lessons, whether covered or not.  We recommend that earrings should be removed at home on P.E. days in the interests of safety and to ensure that they are not lost or damaged at school.  

We also ask that any ear-piercings are done at the start of the summer holidays so that your child's education is not disrupted by the healing process.

Accessories & Hair
We ask that hair bobbles, clips and bands are all in school colours – Navy Blue, White or Black.  Flowers, ribbons and similar embellishments are not permitted.

Shoulder length hair should always be tied back to help avoid the spread of nits.  Fashion hairstyles are not permitted, including:-  Colours, Shaved lines or shapes / Short cuts or shaved heads.  (e.g. number 1).

A downloadable uniform guide can be found here.

Uniform Option For Girls Uniform Option For Boys Year 6 Only - V-neck Sweatshirt & Tie

Ordering School Uniform

Items marked with a * can be ordered from our School Uniform ordering service.  If you require an item more urgently, please speak with the office, as we do carry a limited stock within school.