Class Topic Cycles

At Higham St. John's, we aim to make our curriculum bespoke to the needs of our children.  This year, we have begun the process of reviewing our topic cycles (to view a copy of our Statement of Intent for our curriculum, please return to the main curriculum page). 

A note on mixed-age classes

At Higham St. John's, we have mixed-age classes throughout the school.  As a result, the children will spend two years either Class 1 or Class 2 and also two years in one of our three Key Stage 2 classes (Classes 3, 4 or 5).  This means that we require a two-year topic cycle so that the children do not repeat any topics during their time in the same class. 


The history, geography and science planning cycles on this page are brand new for Autumn 2 2019 and therefore may change as the year progresses.  We are very excited to be sharing these with our wider school community and are looking forward to teaching the children lots of fascinating new content.

Where relevant, we link class texts as part of our English curriculum to our history, geography and science topics.

More information on our new English curriculum will be added to the website shortly.

Key Stage 1 Humanities Topic Cycle

Key Stage 1 Science Topic Cycle

Key Stage 2 Humanities Topic Cycle

Key Stage 2 Science Topic Cycle