Christian Values

At Higham St. John's C E Primary School, we follow the path to happiness which Jesus showed us and take 'One More Step...' each day.

We aim to celebrate 'Life in All its Fullness' (John, 10:10) and as we take each step forward, we learn about the important Christian values Jesus taught us. 

About Our Christian Values

We have chosen to focus on six values - one per half-term (these are shown on the stone bricks) - alongside four additional values which we recognise as being of particular significance within our school community (these are depicted within the clouds).

Autumn A:   Kindness

Autumn B:   Peace

Spring A:      Love

Spring B:      Forgiveness

Summer A:  Perseverance

Summer B:  Honesty

Ethos Group and Worship

We are committed to demonstrating mutual respect for our own and others' cultures and beliefs.  We also aim to engage with our local community as active citizens, making links, building positive relationships and sharing a sense of responsibility for improving the lives of those around us.


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