School Vision

Our Mission Statement:

Our school community aims to provide an education that develops children to their full potential.   We seek to encourage curiosity and life-long enthusiasm for learning within a safe, happy and creative environment.

We aim to maintain a Christian ethos that fosters mutual respect for people of all faiths and cultures.

Our Vision:
Our school is devoted to supporting each and every child’s educational needs, and to helping them prepare for all the challenges that lie ahead. Our aim is to make it possible for each child to be inspired to learn by discovery, begin developing ambition, and to follow the path that enables them to realise their dreams.

To achieve this...

  • Parents, staff and governors will work in partnership to support a broad and balanced curriculum that aims to meet the needs of each child’s progress and attainment. And that all partners must have the highest expectations, whilst recognising that children develop and progress at different rates
  • Our Christian ethos will remain continually at our core, with its existence supportively promoting positive self-image, behaviour, tolerance, respect and a secure sense of belonging. It is this belief that shapes and guides the strong foundations of our school’s committed and caring relationships
  • Our ethos will inspire and promote high quality education, and strive to equip the children intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and physically to develop their inner self-confidence and knowledge.  We will support every child in working to reach their own individual potential, and will help them to develop all their skills needed to succeed on the next path of their life-long learning journey

To support our core values...

  • We will work in close partnership with staff, parents, the church and community to create a nurturing Christian school
  • We will provide a wide ranging curriculum that inspires and motivates children to learn, through development of key skills and attitudes
  • We will insist upon good manners, tolerance and respect of others through core British values
  • We will do our utmost to provide every child with the support and guidance needed to meet their individual goals and targets, thereby raising their aspirations and self-belief
  • We will work to develop independent and resilient children in their learning and personal development
  • We will develop a sense of pride in the achievements of self and others

This was reviewed by the Governors and Staff of our School during Spring Term 2019.