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Mrs Julie Lees - Maths
Mrs Julie Lees - Maths

Mrs. Lees is our mathematics subject leader.  She has led maths in previous schools and has completed several training courses on the subject, including assessing maths in EYFS, KS1 and KS2, making effective use of practical resources in maths and challenging more able children. 

Mrs. Lees has successfully led whole school initiatives focusing on strengthening children’s conceptual understanding of number and improving reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Mrs. Lees says:

“I remember two things about maths when I was in primary school.  One is learning by rote, without any understanding of the mathematics behind the numbers, and the other is the negative feeling I had when I didn’t understand something or made a mistake.   Drawing on these personal experiences, I always aim to teach maths in an environment where children feel comfortable to have a go, make mistakes and ask questions and I try to use practical resources, pictures and real-life puzzles and problems to make maths ‘real’ and interesting.  My aim is to develop children’s confidence and love of maths and ultimately provide them with the best opportunities to succeed in this subject.”

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