Mathematics Curriculum

Miss Briddon is our new mathematics subject leader.  

She has successfully changed our scheme of work to White Rose Maths following a mastery approach which enables all children to become fluent as well as applying themselves to reason and problem solve. Miss Briddon has attended courses on the subject to help her with this role.  

Miss Briddon has successfully led whole school initiatives focusing on strengthening children’s conceptual understanding of number and improving reasoning and problem-solving skills through our mastery approach

Miss Briddon says:

“I have always been fond of maths. I loved it when I was in primary school and high school and continued on with this at college completing an A-Level in it. I was taught from a very early age that in maths there are many different ways to get to an answer and sometimes something we don't understand one way can be explained in another.  Drawing on these personal experiences, I always aim to teach maths in an environment where children feel comfortable to have a go, experience a range of manipulatives, make mistakes and ask questions. My aim is to create talking classrooms where the children can discuss their understanding of mathematics with their peers to support and extend each others learning.  I also aim to give every child the opportunity to succeed in all areas of maths.

Statement of Intent for Mathematics:

EYFS Reception Year maths overview

National Curriculum Information for maths

(year groups and mixed age)

Year 4 Statutory Multiplication Test Information