Higham Web

We have listed a selection of websites below that will help your child to revise and rehearse the key skills they need to progress - as well as having a little fun too!   Just make sure that the games and activities attempted are appropriate for his/her age.  


All websites were checked for suitability when this page was published.  However, we cannot accept responsibility for the content of these external sites. 

Maths Websites

Primary Games - Brilliant maths games for Yr1-6

Primary Homework Help - Games listed by topic.

HighamWeb - Year 6 SATs Revision resources

Maths Dictionary - Maths Dictionary for all ages.

Nrich - Problem Solving - Quite challenging!

Mathsphere - Downloadable board games

Teaching Money - Online Money Games

Brainboosters - Problem Solving Challenges

Primarygames.com - Huge number of activities

Snappy Maths - Worksheets for KS2 Children

Count On - Old site, but still some good games.

Subtangent - Traditional Maths Games

ICT Games - Games sorted by topic.  


English Websites


 Primary Homework - Variety of quizzes and

Roy the Zebra - Reading Activities

HighamWeb - Year 6 SATs Revision resources

ICT Games - Good site for Yrs 1-3  


 PrimaryGames - Simple, but fun reading games  


 Phonics Play - Phonics Activities for infant age children


Higham Web - Educational Resources

Mixed subject sites

Channel 4 Learning - Interesting content for 5-16 years olds in a range of subjects

BBC Children's Learning - Videos, articles and games for all of the primary age range.

CrickWeb - Great site covering a range of subjects, with games and downloadable activities

CBeebies - All sorts of videos, fun and games for the Under 6s.

Primary Homework Help - A great place to start when researching topics in a range of subjects.   


 Top Marks - A good site that links to a range of other websites.


 Lancashire Local Offer - A Facebook site that provides a range of events and activities within the County, suitable for all children.