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Suggested Timetable 

This is a suggested routine of how you might like to structure your day with your child/ren.  It is very important that your child has regular breaks throughout the day, just like they do at school and where they can get outside to play. 

Get up as usual, get dressed and eat breakfast.

9am- Start the day with some physical exercise with Joe Wicks the body coach (or other forms of physical exercise) 

9.30am- Phonics/Spellings- use phonics games or purple mash

9.50am- English work

10.20am- Have a break (this could be a snack and a play in the garden)

10.50am- Maths work 

11.20am- Relaxation time 

12pm- Lunchtime

1pm- Topic and creative time.

2pm- Break time (this could be a snack and a play in the garden)

2.30- Topic work

3.00pm- Reading

3.30pm- Finish for the day, celebrate by playing in the garden!



Below are links to the White Rose website where there are lessons for each day of the week.  So each week you should be able to complete 5 activities. The answers are also on the website so that your parents can check your work once you have completed it.

Recommended Reads

Audible have released free stories for children to listen to, ranging from ‘Littlest Listeners' to 'Tweens’.

David Walliams is sharing a story a day from his ‘The World’s Worst Children’ book. Follow the link below to enjoy his fantastic, free audio stories.

Kindle and the Apple Bookstore offer a wealth of latest and popular titles to be bought, as well as free books. As with all online resources though, please ensure that you have the appropriate parental settings and all books are checked for age appropriateness.  


Look around your garden and see if you can spot any of the minibeasts or plants.  Once you have ticked them off, sketch a few of them and then, with help off your parents, write 5 facts about minibeasts using   .


As well as the resources below, Joe Wicks will be uploading daily workouts on his youtube channel as well as Andy's Wild Workouts on cbeebies 

History/Art- Lowry


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Thank you to all the parents that have sent in pictures and given permission to use them in our gallery.